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Isn't it time to blow this fire out?

Your Bespoke Growth Model.

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STETHOSCOP™ is a tool Health Checking & Curing your business by bridging the gap between Company Strategy and Business Operations.

70 to 90%

Of Strategic and Operational issues are due to a lack of fundamental standards application or deployment.

40 to 45%

Of Managers are underperforming within the first 18 months after their arrival, due to unadapted internal or external governance.


Of Companies are profitable. 30% break even. 30% are continually losing money.



The bell and diaphragm of your doctor's stethoscope listens to your low and high frequencies, respectively coming from your heart and breath. The same way, STETHOSCOP™ captures core inputs coming from your Top Management's Strategy while scrutinizing your Operational Standards.


By processing core company information and data, STETHOSCOP™ analyzes the relevance and interactions between the Macro-Strategy and the Micro-Operations. This Business Diagnosis generates a report that identifies Fundamentals Strengths and Corporate Weaknesses and Threats.


STETHOSCOP™ generates a double outcome :

  • A Bespoke Growth Model allowing you to capitalize on your existing pillars. 

  • A Continuous Improvement Plan allowing you to anticipate on and solve any existing or upcoming Strategic and Operational issues.

When to use the tool?




Stock Trade

Company Recovery.


Growth Optimization.

Financial Chart



Finance Chart

 Diagnose, Derisk & Improve Business Operations

STETHOSCOP™ allows you to focus on the Fundamental Growth Levers for your company by scanning pre-identified Strategic and Operational Risk Zones while suggesting you to double-down on concrete Areas of Capitalization.

Strategic Health Check.

01. Trends

What do you want to achieve? What are your strategic targets? What does you short, mid, long-term business growth plan look like?

02. Ecosystem

Where do you want to go? What does your market look like?

What is the likelihood of you entering a new market? Where should you capitalize?

03. Team

Who is doing what? What Operational and Leadership structure have you put in place in order to deliver what you've planned? What are the interactive flows within the company? Why?

04. History

Why do you do this? What is the rationale behind your corporate strategy? What did success look like in the past? What did failure look like in the past? What is your bespoke corporate success model?


Understand Your
Corporate Heart Better

Defining the Core Attributes of your Strategy will help you understand whether the Resources and Business Architecture you have put in place relates to the objectives you need to deliver...or not. The relevance of your Means vs your History is a Fundamental Success Factor.

Operations Health Check.


05. Standards

What are your Operational Key Performance Indicators? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Quarterly? Annually?

Which Methods & Tools are you using to reach your periodical goals?

06. Customer

What is your External Governance Model? What is your end-to-end Business Cycle? How does it relate to your customers' requirements? What is your Partnership Continuous Improvement approach?

07. Organization

What is your Excellence Delivery Model? How do you plan your operational delivery? What is your Risk Management Model? How do you manage Costs and Profitability? What is your Service/Product Quality Management System?

08. People

What is your Internal Governance Model? How do you manage Key Operations Stakeholders? What are your Core Ceremonies? How do you manage Career and Skills Growth? What is your end-to-end Talent journey? 

Team Meeting
Bespoke Model

Define Your Bespoke Success Model

STETHOSCOP - Picture1.png

A Strategic Partner Of 

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Working to the Highest Standards


James S. | CEO, Digital Consulting

“I love how you’re differentiating yourselves - you’re not a typical business and the sort of business we love to work with!


I think your offering really resonates, especially coming out of this downturn which has forced behavioural changes for the industry.”

Benjamin H. | Ho Sales, Infrastructure

“The approach really forced us to step back from our day-to-day, which was very needed.

Thank you!”

Louis D. | CEO, Industry 4.0

“Thanks again for your support. It all started as a test, but I can now proudly say that you've became one of our few strategic partners.


Looking forward to building-up our collaboration even more”

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